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" 3rd Oxyfuel Combustion Conference "

Ponferrada, Spain - 9th to 13th September 2013

RELCOM was represented at the 3rd Oxyfuel Combustion Conference organized in Ponferrada, Spain from 9-13 September 2013 by the International Energy Agency’s Greenhouse Gas R & D Programme.  The event was hosted by RELCOM partner the ‘Ciudad de la Energia’ (CIUDEN) research institute which operates a pioneering oxyfuel pilot project close to the town.

This folder contains the three presentations made by RELCOM partners:

  • • "Comprehensive coal combustion characterisation under oxy-fuel conditions" Abo Akademi, IFRF, IEN
  • • "Numerical simulation of a pilot scale combustion test facility in air-coal and oxy-coal combustion conditions" Leeds University and IFK, University of Stuttgart
  • • "Investigations on Oxyfuel Combustion of a Sub-bituminous Coal in a Two-Burner Arrangement" Technische Universität München


A full colour Summary Brochure, published in March 2014, is also available for download here.

Read Toby Lockwood's conference overview and commentary at

The conference programme is available on the IEA GHG website at along with the proceedings of the meeting which are also freely downloadable.


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