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" Open Workshop: TOTeM 39 Oxy Coal Combustion "

Pisa, Italy - 18,19 June 2013

As a RELCOM dissemination activity, IFRF organised TOTeM 39 "Oxy-coal Combustion"  on June 18 and 19 2013 on the premises of ENEL Research and Engineering in Pisa.

Keynote speakers at the two day event included Lars Strömberg of Chalmers University, Sweden who also chaired the proceedings, and Stanley Santos from IEA GHG. Other invited speakers were Phil Smith of the University of Utah, Klas Andersson of Chalmers University, and Flemming Frandsen of DTU.

Presentations were also made by speakers from RELCOM partner organisations who provided insights into the RTD and demonstration activities ongoing within the project. Topics included:

  • • Coal characterisation in oxy/RFG
  • • Explosion issues in Oxy-Coal Systems
  • • High Temperature Corrosion


Following the presentations, the meeting Chairman facilitated a panel discussion on Research needs for Oxy-coal Combustion.


Along with copies of the presentations made during the TOTeM, users may access the TOTeM programme, the delegate list and the introductory comments as well as the meeting conclusions drawn up by meeting Rapporteur and IFRF Superintendent of Research Neil Fricker.

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  Conclusions (Rapporteur) download 0.15 Mb 01-08-2013 11:57
  TOTeM Intro - Relcom Project download 0.43 Mb 11-07-2013 15:25
  IFRF and TOTeM Concept download 0.21 Mb 11-07-2013 15:24
  TOTeM 39 Programme download 0.21 Mb 11-07-2013 15:21
  TOTeM 39 Delegate List download 0.14 Mb 11-07-2013 15:24
  Chairmans Overview download 17.24 Mb 20-11-2013 20:07
  Burners for Oxy-coal: Review of Oxy-Coal Burner Research download 3.56 Mb 11-07-2013 15:49
  Oxy-coal route to CCS – beyond the boiler download 8.46 Mb 11-07-2013 15:53
  Flame ignition and stabilisation download 14.03 Mb 11-07-2013 16:11
  Heterogeneous phenomena in oxy/coal combustion download 2.87 Mb 11-07-2013 16:15
  Radiation and heat transfer modelling download 1.28 Mb 11-07-2013 16:16
  Coal characterisation in oxy/RFG download 7.52 Mb 11-07-2013 16:19
  Ash and Trace Elements in Oxy Flames download 2.6 Mb 11-07-2013 16:20
  Explosion Issues in Oxy-Coal Systems download 3.35 Mb 11-07-2013 16:22
  High temperature corrosion download 1.12 Mb 20-09-2013 14:27