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" Open Workshop: Underpinning Oxy-coal Technologies "

Maffliers, France - 14 June 2012

The first of the RELCOM Open workshops was held on 14 June 2012 in Maffliers, France as an elective session at the IFRF 17th International Member Conference.  The theme: Underpinning Oxy-coal Technologies reflects the project's use of oxy-coal combustion test facilities ranging from 50kW to 20MW capacity to examine some of the key issues of oxy-coal-recycled flue gas (RFG) burner design, thermal performance and scale up for retrofit and new-build applications.  The Consortium also has access to specialised test facilities needed to investigate some of the technologies underpinning a move to oxy/coal/RFG. 

Individual partner presentations are downloadable here.

The Workshop also incorporated a poster/networking session as well as a  panel discussion.

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