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FUEL,       COMBUSTION        and        GASIFICATION        Characterisation        Database

The Relcom database is a collection of the results of the fuel characterization tests carried out within the project. These data describe the behaviour of three coals during traditional combustion and combustion with pure oxygen and recycled flue gas. The coals are South African, Pittsburgh nr 8 and Indonesian coal (Sebuku).

Through the database the scientific community have now a useful tool to browse easily and access to a full set of new scientific information. Not only the outcome of the experiments are available but also the description of the facility used for the tests and the procedures adopted in the experiments.

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Database       brief        guide        and        contents

The data in this database were produced during the Relcom tests oxy/coal/RFG combustion conditions at IFRF, Instytut Energetyki (IEn) and Åbo Akademi (Abo). The results were obtained from IPFR test rig at IFRF, IPFR test rig at IEn and from single particle reactor at Åbo Akademi (Abo).

The database is divided in four main sections: Facilities, Procedures, Fuels and Experiments.

The Facilities section contains the descriptions of the test rigs used to characterise the fuels. This tests provide information about the kinetic behaviour of the fuels obtained from Isothermal Plug Flow Reactor (IPFR) test tig at IFRF, IPFR test rig at IEn and from single particle reactor at Åbo Akademi (Abo).

With this structure it is possible to have a good overview of the facility and to have the right references to get a more detailed description of the test facility.

The Procedures section contains a short description of the test procedures used to characterise the fuels, including Oxy devolatilisation, Oxy char oxidation, Fuel nitrogen release, Devolatilisation and Char oxidation but also ignition delay tests, single particle gasification and others.

From the Procedure section it is possible to access to the kinetic models subsection and to the Kinetic Parameter subsections.

The Fuels section contains basic characteristics of analysed fuels. The information provided are split into seven subsections:

  • Fuel data - Name and type of the fuel
  • Sample details – Geometric information of the fuel particle, distribution, density, porosity and others
  • Proximate analysis – Results of the proximate analysis of the fuel: content of ash, water vapour, volatiles, fixed carbon and calorific value
  • Ultimate analysis – Results of the ultimate analysis: contents of C, H, O, N, S, Cl
  • Fuel nitrogen distribution – Nitrogen content in the char and in the volatile matter
  • Ash properties- Results of the chemical analysis of the ash
  • Fusion temperatures – sintering, softering temperatures and others

The Experiment section is the core of the database. In this section there is the collection of the data acquired during the Relcom tests. All the results about coal characterization behaviour in conventional and oxy firing condition are shown here. This section is presented a table with the list of all the experiments carried out for each different fuel in each different condition.

The results section is split into three main parts: Experiment description, Recorded data and Data plot. The results are presented both as a table (Recorded data) and graphically (Data plot).

From the list of experiments it is possible to see the description of the rigs used for the tests, the procedures followed for the tests and the conditions of the specific tests.

The Experiment section has two subsections: Conditions and Reference papers. In conditions there is a summary table with a list of all the tested condition.

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